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Creating R Tutorials Using RMarkdown: Code Chunk Options

Two of us here in the Digital Project Studio have recently been working through an R script developed for a workshop on doing some basic mapping in R. The goal was to turn the script, which was used alongside in-person instruction, into a usable self-directed tutorial.  To do this we used R Markdown, an authoring platform that turns R scripts into reproducible and dynamic documents, presentations, and webpages. Our introductory tutorial will get you set up and started to using R Markdown. On this post we’ll share some of the additional features we’ve learned using this platform.

To find the actual R mapping workshop we created, the instructions and file downloads are accessible here:

In the zipped file package you can find our R Markdown file for creating the instructions of the workshop: script_markup.Rmd

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Listening to the Web Crawl: Making Music Out of Web Crawling Data Using SuperCollider

SuperCollider is free and open-source software that allows users to generate audio programmatically, including from messages sent over a local server. In our first project as data visualization interns, we used Python to crawl the web and collect parameters, which we passed to SuperCollider to generate music. Continue reading